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TEATR - nowa siedziba

Przedsiebiorstwo Specjalistyczne TEATR is the oldest Polish company engaged in the comprehensive implementation of investments in the field of culture. The company was founded by engineer, Mr. Jerzy Gumiński in 1971, and since then it is one of the leading companies specializing in the stage technology appliances.

Within the framework of our activity, we have designed and re-developed many of the Polish theatre’s stages, culture objects and concert halls, installing, among others: stage lighting systems, stage trapdoors, stage barrels, light bridges, electroacoustic devices or stage driving systems.

Our experienced designers are capable of solving even the most complicated elaborations, applying the most state-of-the-art stage technology solutions. A team of designers, consultants and technicians is supporting the users on each level of investment, ranging from the project, to the warranty and non-warranty service. We are able to undertake any challenge.

Ensuring Our continuous development, We take part in the major national as well as international industry trade events, and the acquired knowledge and experience is being shared with Our customers by organizing presentations and trainings. We have developed a tight collaboration with market leading producers, thanks to which, our offer holds professional equipment of such renowned brands as: ChamSys, City Theatrical, Doughty, DTS, EIKI, ETC, Green Hippo, Hazebase, Milos, Movecat, NA, Pathway, ACME, PLS, Seachanger, Spotlight, CLF Lighting, Portman Lights, Sundrax, MagicFX, Altman Lighting, RGBLink, Trabes and Zero88. We are also an authorized dealer of the American Philips Entertainment Corporation, the owner of such brands as: Vari*Lite, Strand Lighting, Selecon and Showline.To the latest manufacturer, we have taken up a cooperation with, one may count in such brands as: ELATION Professional. Our offer includes also a full spectrum of supplies and accessories, necessary for a correct functioning of the stage equipment.

Our client’s circle includes: theatres, philharmonics, community centers, TV stations, as well as the biggest Polish rental companies. To us, the most important goal is our clients’ satisfaction. We look into each of our contract individually, offering the highest quality products matching the clients’ needs.


Youth Theatre in Vilnius (Lithuania)

Performed the modernization process of stage technology systems in the scope of delivery and assembly works
for the needs of the Youth Theatre in Vilnius (Lithuania), which is under the supervision of the
Conservation Officer..

Municipal Artistic School in Mińsk Mazowiecki

Comprehensive supply and installation of stage technology: stage lighting, stage mechanical devices, adjustable interact lighting of the auditorium with the installation.

Wroclaw Opera in Wroclaw

Supply and assembly of switchgears together with equipment and a modern power supply and control system for stage mechanics "AIDA".

National Forum of Music in Wroclaw

A multi-discipline project of the stage technology of the National Forum of Music in Wrocław: executive and workshop designs of stage mechanical devices, concert hall acoustics, technological lighting of the stage, sound systems for the halls and control systems, support structures for devices.

Jordanki Culture and Congress Centre in Toruń

Technological equipment of the stage and audience:
- mechanical stage equipment - upper and lower mechanization,
- drive control system,
- technological lighting equipment for scenes.

Opera at the Castle in Szczecin

Comprehensive supply of technological lighting equipment for the Main Hall and Chamber Hall as well as the audience lighting control system.

European Solidarity Center

Delivery and assembly of the stage technological lighting system, stage mechanical equipment system, stage platforms and stage electric drives.

ICE Kraków Congress Center

Project preparation, delivery, assembly and commissioning of stage technological equipment in the field of stage lighting and stage mechanics for the Krakow ICE Congress Center.

Musical Theater Danuta Baduszkowa in Gdynia

Comprehensive technological equipment for the stages of the Musical Theater Danuta Baduszkowa in Gdynia including technological equipment of the Chamber Hall and the Main Hall.

Youth Palace in Katowice

Comprehensive technological equipment of the theater stage - the system of: technological lighting of the stage, control of lighting of the auditorium and foyer, stage mechanical devices, control of mechanical devices, sound system, communications officer, cinema technology.

Służewski Community Center

Supply and assembly of lighting technology devices and elements and general stage technology in the Służewiecki Dom Kultury auditorium: mechanical stage equipment, stage lighting equipment, audience lighting control system.

Bialystok Puppet Theater

Modernization of the Bialystok Puppet Theater including equipping with a system of stage mechanical devices.

Culture Center ZAMEK in Poznań

Supply and installation of technological lighting of the stage in the halls: Sala Sala and Sala Nova, including profile reflectors, moving heads, PC reflectors and lighting control system.

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