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Academy of Stage Techniques
8 February 2022
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12 April 2022

Cavatina Hall is a multifunctional compound, situated in the heart of Bielsko-Biała, which combines modern office space with a cultural purpose. The complex was initiated by a private investor, Cavatina Holding, and was completed at the end of 2021. Inside the characteristic glass dome, there is a Concert Hall including the most state-of-the-art technological solutions for world-class artists and symphony orchestras, as well as congresses and conferences hosting up to 1000 people. Furthermore, the facility houses a professional recording studio and a Chamber Music Hall with an auditorium of up to 100 seats.

Przedsiębiorstwo Specjalistyczne TEATR was responsible for comprehensive design and implementation of stage technology in the scope of lighting, stage machinery and theatre technology.

A complete power supply and control installation of stage lighting system was carried out. As a part of the power distribution system, the facility has been equipped with, inter alia, an advanced voltage regulator system – ETC Sensor 3 (278 circuits with a 3kW power output and configurable operating modes). Power and signal transmission to the mobile lighting bridges is performed by means of specialized cable reels.

More than 250 lighting devices were delivered and installed, including 60pcs of conventional ETC PAR MCM 750W and 24pcs. of LDR Nota PC 1200+ as part of the orchestra lighting system,  36pcs of ETC’s Source Four LED Zoom profile spotlights with 15°-30° and 25°-50° optics, 6pcs. of SPOTLIGHT’s Profile LED RGBW 450 with 8°-19° optics, 18pcs of PC type floodlights – SPOTLIGHT PC LED 450WW and 2pcs of SPOTLIGHT VEDETTE LED450 RGBW followspots.

The staging possibilities were significantly increased by the extremely reliable Vari-Lite moving heads – 24pcs. of VL1100LED, 12pcs. of VLZ Profile and 18pcs. of VLZ Wash, by ACME company – 6pcs. of ACME Energy Hybrid and DTS brand- 8pcs. of DTS Core.

The lighting park has also been equipped with a range of tried-and-tested effect luminaires – 10pcs of DTS Katana linear floodlights with motorized TILT motion, 6pcs of P1 RETRO decorative luminaires by Portman and 12pcs of CLF ARES architectural floodlights. HAZEBASE Hazer PRO fog machine and Martin JEM Glaciator heavy smoke generator were also provided.

The distribution of control signal, apart from the standard DMX system, was based simultaneously on LAN (Art-NET/sACN protocols) network. Additional mobile DMX/ETHERNET converters – 3 pieces of SnakeSys B4 by ChamSys and 12 pieces of Two-Port Gateway Mk2 by ETC, allow for local signal distribution,

and the City Theatrical’s SHOW BABY 6 wireless transmission system allows the DMX signal to be transmitted via radio frequency.

Also for the purpose of organizing concerts on the patio, located on the concert hall’ s rooftop, a separate set of mobile lighting was supplied, including a compact ChamSys Quick20 console and 22pcs of ARENA Par Zoom spotlights from Elation.

Intuitive and fast control of such a vast lighting setup at the Concert Hall is handled by the ChamSys flagship console – the MagicQ MQ500M Stadium (up to 256 DMX lines directly from the console) along with a dedicated Wing, wireless tablet control and a backup system that guarantees full redundancy.

The innovative personal tracking system implemented in the Concert Hall allows for precise real-time tracking of artists or objects on stage.

To control the primary audience lighting and working circuits, the HDL BUS Pro system was used, which consists of, among others, a set of contactor modules in the thyristor room, 10 wall panels at the exits of the hall, and PPO touch panel in the lighting cabin, which allows the remaining panels to be additionally locked.

In the scope of the lower stage machinery, PS TEATR was responsible for the design and delivery of a set of three stage trapdoors – with 40, 80 and 120cm stroke respectively – used to change the flat stage floor surface into a stepped system. Each trapdoor consists of 5 driving units, Consisting of the Canadian SPIRALIFT type hoists, double-braking motors, encoders and limit switches.
It should be noted that the driving units of each trapdoor are not connected by a shared shaft, but are electronically synchronized. The

control is performed via an additional touch panel, and the entire system is being monitored by a complex safety system.

As for the upper stage machinery, 7 lighting bridges, 5 speaker bridges, a screen bridge and 10 pieces of fixed speaker stage barrels were designed and installed. Additionally, under the technical ceiling there were 18 chain hoists with a load capacity of 500kg installed. The entire facility is being controlled by a dedicated system with a touch screen panel.

The stage machinery engineering also included the delivery of a modular MILOS suspension/multi-level lighting system incorporating 70 “H” and “T” type modules plus 20 floor plates, while the rooftop performance space was fitted with a complete, extensive Quadro290 aluminum spatial truss system.

As part of the cinema and multimedia technology, a large-format video projection system was developed together with the necessary accompanying infrastructure. The implemented technical solutions use the latest cinema technology standards, enabling the organization of professional film projections (including premieres), in accordance with the guidelines of the global DCI association. The key components of the system are: screen set by Gerriets with an expandable projection canvas of 12×8.5m format, laser cinema projector BARCO with a 35000lm brightness, using 1.38″4K DLP technology, a cinema movie content server, and cinema surround sound processor.

Eng. Tomasz Zaborowski, and Eng. Paweł Ziomecki, acting on behalf of Przedsiębiorstwo Specjalistyczne TEATR, were responsible for the stage technology design.

The Cavatina Concert Hall, providing ideal acoustic conditions and having at its disposal top-class technological resources, has become the undisputed pride of the Capital of Podbeskidzie.


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