The Center for Education and Cultural Initiatives in Olsztyn

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12 April 2022
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16 March 2023

The Center for Education and Cultural Initiatives in Olsztyn received a new building at Kościńskiego Street in Jakubów, Olsztyn. Thanks to this, CEiIK can organize cultural events also directly in the city center. The facility has modern equipment in the field of stage technology and over 400 seats, a large stage, a modern lighting park and an electroacoustics system, as well as a folding auditorium, which allows, when folded, to obtain a very large space in the hall, which can be used, for example, as a dance or banquet hall. The equipment is complemented by a modern stage mechanics system and a cinema projector with a large screen. Such equipment enables the organization of theater performances, various types of music concerts, events or conferences. For the latter, the room can also be divided into two separate, also large conference rooms equipped with multimedia presentation devices and a simultaneous translation system.

The total cost of the facility was over PLN 20 million, including the cost of stage technology over PLN 4 million net.

The technological lighting system includes:
• 48 switchable regulated / unregulated circuits with a power of 2.3kW each
• 6 auxiliary (working) circuits of stage technologies.
• 1 circuit powering the lighting operator’s position with a power of 3kW.
• 2 power circuits 32A / 3F
• CHAMSYS MAGIC MQ500 type lighting control panel
• Ethernet signal distribution system, Ethernet / DMX converters
• Modern lighting devices with traditional light source and LED, including ETC S4; Elation Artiste Picasso; Elation RAYZOR 760; Portman P1; ACME TB 1010WQ II; Elation TVL CYC RGBW, Elation Paladin, DTS SCENE S100PC; Elation Protron 3K, CLF AURUN; HAZEBASE HAZER PRO.

In the scope of activities aimed at adapting the scene to the assumed functions, it is proposed to make the following devices and installations of the scene mechanics:
• Lighting bridge for the audience – 2 pcs.
• Proscenium lighting bridge – 1 pc.
• Stage lighting bridge – 2 pcs.
• Decorative stage decorations – 3 pcs.
• Audience lighting tower – 2 pcs.
• Proscenium speakers bands – 2 pcs.
• The mechanism of the main curtain with a two-part curtain – 1 set.
• Paludament – 1 pc.
• Stage mechanics control system.

The electroacoustics system includes:
• Installation of the electroacoustic system for the stage of the auditorium,
• Installation of the electroacoustic system of the cinema auditorium,
• Installation of the intercom system of the auditorium,
• Simultaneous translation system

As part of cinema engineering, the following were launched:
• Cinema projector with 0.98 ”DLP image forming system.
• Movie server that allows you to play files encoded in DCP (Digital Cinema Package) standard and support for KDM (Key Delivery Message) keys.
• Dolby Surround 7.1 cinema sound processor
• Cinema screen

As part of the multimedia system extension:
• Made in the halls of multimedia devices needed to conduct independent conferences, such as: projectors, permanent sound system,
• An independent permanent sound system was made, separate from the stage sound system, in order to organize the conference, presentations for parts A and B

European Union Funds