Minuit Une on the TV program “Your face sounds familiar”

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Four Minuit Une IVL Carre devices were used in the final episode of the 11th edition of the television program “Your face sounds familiar”.

Due to the fact that innovative technology IVLlighting has been used, they are the only “laser” devices that can be used in television productions without fear. IVL ™ lighting, developed by Minuit Une, is not a standard projection of light passing from point A to point B.

The specificity of the Minuit Une lighting fixture is that it emits light in the form of a 360 ° plane, matching the total volume of lighted space.

Lighting in IVL ™ technology is based on a new way of using a laser light source, significantly softened by the use of an exclusive, patented device. It reduces the safe lighting distance to a distance of 3 or 5 meters (depending on local regulations), and also provides the ability to safely scan the audience. The light source of IVL ™ devices is a laser, but … it is not controlled like a laser, does not look like a laser, does not have the color characteristic of a laser … therefore it is not a laser!

“Your face sounds familiar” is an entertainment program broadcast on Polsat TV since March 8, 2014, based on the Spanish format “Your Face Sounds Familiar”.

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