Academy of Stage Techniques

MANTIS- a new device from Portman Lights
8 February 2022
Cavatina Hall
15 March 2022

The Academy of Stage Techniques is a unique place that was created to spread knowledge in the field of technological lighting, stage mechanics, electroacoustics or legal issues in the field of public procurement preparation. The Academy consists of experienced implementers, including Krzysztof Kłak (Chamsys training), Mikołaj Wolniewski (ETC / High End Systems training) and Marcin Robak (Obsidian training). Every now and then we organize seminars with exceptional lighting and multimedia designers. Such lectures were undoubtedly meetings with Artur Szyman or Jacek Chojczak. We are constantly planning new trainings, presentations of new devices and lectures with special guests. In one and a half years, we had the pleasure to train over 300 participants.

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