Elation Open Day

The Center for Education and Cultural Initiatives in Olsztyn
15 July 2022
On May 2, PS Teatr will be closed
28 April 2023

March 15 Elation Open Day was held at PS Teatr headquarters. The producer’s guest was Eldar Khashimbaev, who presented the latest lighting devices of the Elation brand. The second panel of the day belonged to Marcin Robak, a well-known lighting engineer who has been using Obsidian consoles in his work for years. It is worth mentioning that just before the start of the Elation Open Day, Marcin completed the training of a twelve-person group on the use of Obsidian consoles. The icing on the cake that day was a lecture by Marcin Michna entitled: “Concerts and artistic events through the eyes of the camera”. Marcin shared his extensive professional experience, giving many valuable tips.

We would like to thank all guests for visiting our headquarters and invite you to the next open days as part of our Academy of Stage Techniques.

Special thanks to Eldar Khashimbaev, Marcin Robak and Marcin Michna for the opportunity to organize this event.

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