The control system for working circuits and the lighting of the auditorium in Wilam Horzyca Theatre in Toruń

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3 February 2022
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3 February 2022

A control system consisting of distributed automation controllers, without a central controller, enabling the audience lighting circuits to be controlled via a DMX signal. The device provides gentle (smooth) dimming in the range from 0 to 100% / from 100% to 0% /, and for switching the power supply of the operating circuits. Moreover, the system allows for simultaneous control of the audience lighting from the technological lighting control room and the audience lighting control system.
The system is equipped with panels that allow you to trigger the uploaded lighting scenes.
The panels will be installed in the auditorium:
– 1 panel with a touch screen on the lighting operator’s position with a screen diagonal of 22 ′,
– 1 panel with a touch screen at the stage of the stage manager with a screen diagonal of 10 ‘,
– wall panels with an LCD display and buttons for calling up to 16 functions,
– panels with buttons and a LED informing about the activation status of a given function,
– monostable buttons with backlight for switching on the work lighting,

The main panel with a 22 ′ touch screen located at the PPO stage lighting operator station, allowing for:
– taking priority over other panels;
– switching on and off working circuits;
– switching on and off the contactors of the main voltage regulators,
– smooth control in the range of 0-100% audience lighting;

The stage manager’s panel with a 10 ′ touch screen located next to the Ti stage manager allowing for:
– switching on and off working circuits;
– smooth control in the range of 0-100% audience lighting;

The system has appropriate contactors and a DMX merger built into the switchgear. Communication between devices and panels takes place via the UTP Cat5E cable, a cable dedicated to the adopted standard of basic lighting fixtures and a cable dedicated to LAN and DMX signals to the audience lighting system.
Construction of the control system
The operating circuit control system is made on the basis of automation devices communicating via the HDL BUS Pro bus. The PPO lighting operator panel is made on the basis of a PC computer integrated with a touch screen, the Windows 10 Profesional operating system, and the iRidium software that allows communication via Ethernet with executive modules installed in the switchgear.

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