IVL Photon – a new device from Minuit Une

The control system for working circuits and the lighting of the auditorium in Wilam Horzyca Theatre in Toruń
3 February 2022
Lecture: Jacek Chojczak at the Academy of Stage Techniques
3 February 2022

IVL Photon is effect lighting with a wide range of applications and a varied method of operation. This device can be used for all types of events, concerts or on TV.

The product is divided into several effect zones using frost, mirror effect or laser. Only a few copies can perfectly fill any club or stage surface with light, on the one hand guaranteeing a coating similar to wash lighting, on the other, a blinder-strobe effect, and on the third, providing a wow effect with the help of laser beams with sensational saturated and deep colors. With the use of 60 DMX channels, we get full control over the work of mirrors, the frost effect or the individual work of the “core”.

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